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Jesse Dolin’s Side of the Mountains

Foraging on Oregon’s Central Coast

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Wild Human tells stories about people, organizations, and brands who make their livings in the outdoors.

We’re inspired by outdoor culture and passion for environmental conservation. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we have access to some of the most beautiful lands on the planet. It also means that we have a responsibility to take care of those places.

Our reviews focus on products from companies who we believe are leading our friends and neighbors towards a more sustainable and healthy future.

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Foraging for mushrooms in Oregon

Jesse Dolin’s Side of the Mountains

The appeal of foraging and living off of the land has skyrocketed in recent years. I understand why – it’s romantic and empowering. It’s also overwhelming with serious consequences if you don’t know what you’re doing. As Jesse says – there are better ways to die than eating the wrong mushroom.

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The North Cascades Mountain Hostel sign on the front of the house

North Cascades Mountain Hostel: Dirtbag Haven

Think about the word hostel. What do you see in your mind? If you see a warm and loved home under massive star-filled skies, rugged mountains that are close enough to touch, and a community of dirtbag travelers, you’ve probably experienced the North Cascades Mountain Hostel. For everyone else, check your calendar and start planning your next trip to Winthrop, Washington. Play hard, sleep cheap.

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McKenzie holding a Tenkara rod in a river on Dad's shoulders
Fly Fishing

McKenzie, the Angler

At three and a half years old, McKenzie cares more about fish than too many adults. She embraces the experience of fishing with an open heart and doesn’t place her own needs above the animals in the wild or the fish in the water. That’s the kind of angler that I want to be.

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Essays from Outside

Short stories, observations, and encounters from our travels.

A little girl wearing a pink backpack walking along a trail

The First Backpacking Trip

I’ve been hyping up backpacking to my daughter for over a year. In her mind, almost everything is better when you’re outside. So the idea of sleeping, eating, and pooping outside is pretty exciting.

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Paragon Fly Rods: Backcountry Durability & 1% for the Planet

Paragon offers high-quality rods for backcountry focused anglers who need a lightweight setup that can handle abuse on the trail and alpine elements. Their lifetime warranty backs that quality. That means their rods can put as many miles on the trail as you can.


Collapsed WetFly Komodo Creek Flex Tenkara rod next to a rod tube
Fly Fishing

WetFly Kodomo Creek Tenkara Flex

WetFly’s telescoping Komodo Creek Flex Tenkara rod has a medium/light action and extends to three different lengths. A telescoping rod means it can grow to fit anglers of any size and can be expanded for different fish and water.

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