Chef Sara Harvey, A Wild Woman of Hood Canal

Executive Chef Sara Harvey standing in the courtyard of the Hook and Fork eatery wearing a black apron

Sara Harvey is an oyster farmer and the executive chef at Alderbrook Resort & Spa in western Washington. Her passion for high-quality local ingredients fused with a direct connection to Puget Sound’s natural environments is as inspiring as it is delicious.

An Affordable Housing Crisis In The Methow Valley

Washington Pass on the west end of the Methow Valley

Growing economic inequality and a lack of affordable housing options in Washington’s Methow Valley are forcing some residents and local businesses to take drastic steps to find homes and keep employees.

Big Outdoor Brands are Embracing bluesign®

Hands holding a small pile of dirt and a plant

There’s a good chance that you own a bluesign® certified product. Some of the biggest outdoor brands are making gear and apparel that come with a bluesign® label. But what does that mean exactly? What is bluesign®?

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