The Ruffwear Pack Out Bag Is Cleaning Up Trails and Neighborhoods

By Tony K

Photos by Wild Human

We’ve all seen those forgotten bags piled up along the trail, or worse, run over and flattened in the street. Ruffwear has stepped up to take on those neglected poos with their new Pack Out Bag. I’m excited that Ruffwear is addressing the problem, but I’m also frustrated that this problem needs to be addressed. Come on people…clean up after your dog!

I’m sure there are dog owners who actually make an effort to pick up their trash on the way down the trail, but a lot of those poop bags have seen more than a few sunsets. 

I’ll quit my griping and get to the Pack Out Bag.

The specs you need to know the Ruffwear Pack Out Bag:

You can clean up after your dog and help when other people forget

The shell is made with a water resistant nylon which feels sturdy and meant to be on the trail. The interior poo pocket has a waterproof lining and a burly waterproof zipper that helps contain those unpleasant smells. There’s even an integrated bag dispenser on the back panel. 

The integrated clip makes quick and easy work of attaching the bag to your pack, or even an Ergo baby carrier. If the clip doesn’t work, you can use the included adjustable belt as a quick carry option. 

Closing the Packout Bag
Photo by Wild Human

The large size is big enough to hold my dog's bags and still keep a low profile

I have an abnormally large golden retriever with abnormally stinky number twos. I brought the Pack Out Bag on several walks around town and our neighborhood, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well the bag works. It’s big enough to hold my bags and several bags from other dogs while still keeping a relatively low profile. 

One of our testers has a newborn. She loved that the Pack Out Bag kept her hands free while carrying her baby in an Ergo and walking her dog.

The bag was designed to fit and mold to various body types. The top can be bent and conformed for a comfortable fit. That feature came in especially handy when using the bag along with an Ergo baby carrier.

"I’ll admit that I wasn’t excited about testing this bag, it just seemed silly. But after using it on several walks with my kids and my dog, it won me over. When it came time to clean up after my dog, I was able to stash the bag and keep my hands free."

What can be improved on the Pack Out Bag

After three full weeks of daily walks with my dog I have one major issue with the Pack Out Bag: The integrated bag holder and dispenser on the back side is a nice addition, but getting the role of bags into the pocket and fed into the dispenser cutout is a little clunky. It works as it should once the bag is in, but a wider or more flexible pocket might make changing to a new role a bit easier.

Bag dispenser on the Ruffwear Pack Out Bag
We love the integrated bag dispenser but it's difficult to get the bag in the pocket. Photo by Wild Human

The Bottom Line

The Ruffwear Pack Out Bag is a simple and practical solution to cleaning up after your dog whether you’re on the trail or around town.

The water resistant shell combined with a waterproof pocket and burly zipper help keep smells contained and allows for easy clean up. Ruffwear says the bag helps “contain odors.” The Packout Bag doesn’t eliminate the stink. If you get too close you’re still going to smell what’s in that bag, even when it’s zipped up. But, those odors are kept at bay while on the move.

The bag comes in both medium and large sizes and can be molded to accommodate layers, packs, and belts.

Responsible dog owners are accustomed to carrying around their dogs’ poop bags but the Pack Out Bag will help free up your hands and keep our sidewalks and trails clean.

Why Wild Human Supports Ruffwear

Commitment to sustainability is at the core of Ruffwear; the Bend, Oregon based company is working to produce more products that adhere to the Bluesign® production standards and they have adopted a production model that allows them to reduce waste during production.  Making responsibly sourced products and focusing on true sustainability is important for every company, but somehow even more so when it comes to products for our kids. And, dogs are basically like our kids. Dogs, kids…..same thing right?


We have some amazing stories that we’re excited to share with you. We’ll never share your contact information outside of Wild Human. You can expect roughly a few emails per month. 

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