Celebrate Miir’s Climate Neutral Certification with Their New Coffee Canister

By Erik U

Photos by Wild Human

Celebrate Miir’s Climate Neutral Certification with Their New Coffee Canister

By Erik U

A Miir insulated bottle has been in my work bag for several years and their camp mugs are staples around the fire. At last year’s Outdoor Retailer in Denver, I stopped by the Miir booth and got a sneak peek at their soon to be released coffee products. I’m still waiting to get my hands on the Pourigami, a portable pour over system. While I wait for what I assume will be a fantastic piece of coffee tech, I took the new 12 oz. Coffee Canister for a spin.

The specs you need to know about the Miir Coffee Canister:

At the risk of completely exposing myself as a coffee schlub, I used to keep my beans “fresh” in paper bags with twisty ties. But, I love buying fresh beans and stepping up to the new Miir Coffee Canister showed me the freshness that I’ve been missing.  This month I’m savoring a bag of beans from Left Coast Coffee Co. in Depoe Bay, Oregon.

A design that could live in the Apple store

From the outside, the canister is delightfully minimal. It’s constructed of 18/8 stainless steel with what Miir calls a Hardshell™ powder coat. That coating is what gives Miir bottles their texture and grip. I tested the white option, which makes the canister seem at home in any Apple store. You can also choose from black, stainless steel, or copper.

An accordion style seal is part of the system that keeps your beans fresh. That seal also adds some bulk to the canister. It might look like it can hold more than 12 oz, but to ensure an air-tight seal, listen to Miir’s instructions and keep the capacity to 12 oz or less of whole beans or ground coffee.

Here's how the Miir Coffee Canister works

Top view of a white Miir coffee canister sitting on a cutting board

To seal in the freshness, drop the plug on top of the beans and flip the level while pushing down. That causes the walls of the plug to expand until a complete seal is formed within the canister.

When you flip the lever back to release the plug, there’s a satisfying popping sound as air rushes back in. Once you’ve sealed in your beans, screw the top cap on until it’s time to brew.

Coffee beans in an open white Miir coffee canister

The Bottom Line

I’m a big fan of Miir products. I freely admit that I’m an easy sell, but after using the new Coffee Canister I do notice extended life in the freshness of my beans. I go through periods of drinking coffee all day, but I also take painful and shaky breaks for days at a time. When I finally come back to the light, succumb to caffeine headaches, and pop open the seal on the canister, I know my beans will be fresh.  Miir makes high quality products that work. They use their revenue to impact communities throughout the world and make it clear how your buying power helps Miir do good things. Coffee is so much more delicious when it’s fresh. Let Miir keep your coffee fresh in their new Coffee Canister, and help them do good things for the world.

Why Wild Human Supports Miir

There are several reasons why Wild Human supports Miir, but one of the more important actions the Seattle based company has taken recently deserves some attention – as of April, 2020, Miir is now Climate Neutral Certified. The simple reality is that being a consumer, like all of us, means we are also helping to produce emissions. Manufacturing and delivering all of the tech and gear that we love produces pollution. Being Climate Neutral Certified, in part, is a way for companies to combat those emissions. Essentially, the certification means that Miir will pay for and offset their own carbon pollution. When you buy products from companies that are Climate Neutral Certified, you’re using your buying power to help combat climate change. Miir now joins a growing roster of Climate Neutral Certified brands like Klean Kanteen, Ombraz, and Peak Design. That’s pretty good company.


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