Heirloom Utensils and a Commitment to Sustainability from Earlywood Designs

By Tony K

Photos by Wild Human

Cooking in my house is a family activity. We’re privileged to be able to start and end almost every day with a home cooked family meal. Nearly all of those meals are made with Earlywood Designs Trifecta utensils.

Montana based Earlywood Designs makes heirloom quality handcrafted wooden utensils and kitchen tools. Each product has a unique and practical design and holds up to our daily meals on the stove, campfire, and the grill.

The Earlywood Designs Trifecta is the perfect combination of beauty and functionality

The Trifecta is the perfect combination of Earlywood’s brilliance. For $35 you get three versatile tools; the large flat sauté, scraper, and the spreader. This combination gives you everything you need to cook complete meals for the family, and help with cleanup. 

The large flat sauté is responsible for most meals in our life

The long handle and rounded edges offer plenty of reach over hot burners and it feels good in the hand. The rounded edges are perfect for scraping off bits of deliciousness around the edges of a pan. My daughter calls this the “spatula” because it’s big enough to be used that way. The sauté is our do it all – we flip, stir, mash, and anything else you can think of.

The perfect tool for delicious scrambled eggs

Earlywood advertises the spreader for smearing peanut butter and soft cheeses, but we use it for one task throughout the week – scrambled eggs. Using a wooden utensil means our non-stick pan doesn’t scratch. The rounded edges and short handle are perfect for making our family’s secret scrambled eggs. I can’t give you that secret recipe but I will tell you that in our house it’s known as the “Daddy special.”

The scraper is the perfect cast iron companion

At least 50% of our meals are cooked in cast iron and I baby our pans. I never use soap and I religiously season them. Still, even the most seasoned cast iron will leave behind a few bits of food. The scraper’s sharp edge helps keep our pans clean and ready for the next meal. It’s also a handy brownie cutter, which is something every kitchen needs.

The spreader, scraper, and spatula from the Earlywood Designs Trifecta laying on a cutting board

Caring for your utensils

The hardwoods in our utensils stand up to the hottest recipes but we still try to keep them clean, conditioned, and ready for the next meal. These are the simple rules that we follow to make sure that our Earlywood Designs Trifecta tools will be cooking meals for our kids, and their kids:

The Bottom Line

Earlywood Designs makes versatile cooking utensils and tools that will last lifetimes. These tools not only look good, but they’re highly functional and intentionally designed. Cooking is an important component of our family’s life and we feel the love that Earlywood puts into every tool. All of their tools are handmade in Montana with responsibly harvested hardwoods, which means you can ditch those plastic utensils that have been floating around since college. This review is focused on the Trifecta, but there are so many other tools to explore. A little care and oil will keep your Earlywood utensils cooking for generations. Feel the love, support a Montana company, and try Earlywood Designs.

Why Wild Human Supports Earlywood Designs

I’m already in love with Earlywood’s products and their commitment to sustainability is why Wild Human supports them. $1 of every order through EarlywoodDesigns.com goes to help the Nature Conservancy restore the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil. According to Earlywood’s website, as of January 2020, their contributions to the Nature Conservancy have topped $15,000. That means that your buying power can help support a great American company and restore the rainforest in Brazil. It all starts with clicking “add to cart.” There’s more – Earlywood uses their scraps to make wood blanks for pens. You can find the blanks for sale on Amazon. Even their sawdust gets reused! A guy named Doug takes all of the sawdust and mixes it with newspaper pulp to make firelogs, which you can buy in Red Lodge, Montana, the home of Earlywood. Heirloom quality products backed with an incredible working commitment to sustainability – that’s more than enough to earn Wild Human’s support.


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