Surfer’s Salve is Our Family’s Skincare Windex

By Tony K

Photos by Wild Human

The era of COVID-19 means a lot of hand washing, and, subsequently, dry skin. There’s lotion laying around that we occasionally use, but there’s one product that we turn to, to keep our skin healthy and hydrated, all year long Surfer's Salve.

Surfer’s Salve is made from a handful of natural ingredients and comes in a variety of bottles, sticks and tins. 

Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? In the movie, the bride’s father believes Windex to be the cure-all for any ailment. Well, Surfer’s Salve is my family’s skincare Windex.

Surfer’s Salve is my family’s skincare Windex

The Island Soap website lists Surfer’s Salve as Hawaii’s all natural skincare secret and that’s how we’ve historically treated it – as a secret. But since we’re all taking precautions to flatten the COVID-19 curve, we think the time is right to finally share.  Because this product is so simple and natural, we slap it on the entire family, even the kids. Our dry skin, cuts, scrapes, minor sunburns, and bug bites are all soothed with Surfer’s Salve.

Highlights from our testers

A stick of salve sitting on fly fishing gear

The not so good, depending on who you ask

The Bottom Line

My family loves Surfer’s Salve and we’ll continue to use it as long as we can get our hands on it. It’s a great salve for dry skin, minor sunburns, bug bites, and scrapes. It’s also safe for the whole family. With a variety of options, we can keep bottles, sticks, and tins stashed all over the house, in bags, and in the car. I usually keep a stick in each of my fly fishing and hiking bags. Long days on the water and trail usually end with a quick swipe of Surfer’s Salve.

Why Wild Human Supports Island Soap & Candle Works

If an all natural skin care product that actually works isn’t enough to support Island Soaps and Candle Works, there’s more. Almost all of their products are produced on the island of Kauai in a 100% solar powered facility. Product packaging is primarily made out of recycled paper, and the website’s FAQ section encourages customers to save packages for future use. To top off all of the things we already love, their products are cruelty free, meaning no animal testing.  Island Soap & Candle Works makes one of our favorite year-round skincare products. Hawaii is still mostly powered by fossil fuel and this company is doing their part to help change that. Wild Human is happy to continue supporting them. We hope you will too.


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